My experiences

Professionals and internships

My practice draws on diverse experiences in the field of mental health.

With adults, I had the opportunity to work in life shelters for older adults with multiple disabilities (motor, cognitive, and neurodevelopmental). These projects dealt with the notion of creativity and its transformation in adulthood.

With young people and children, within the framework of the “academic success” program of different municipalities. This program seeks to provide psycho-affective and transversal support to accompany children and young people in their academic, personal, family, and individual development. This project has the support and exchange of knowledge thanks to the multidisciplinary work of the team of professionals (psychologists, social workers) who constitute the basis of the program.

Likewise, I practice all the mediations that I offer within my therapeutic art accompaniments, which allows me to have the possibility of knowing the medium and also implement it according to the possibilities of each audience.

For more than five years a personal work has been developing together with a psychotherapist, which allows me to have the possibility of ensuring my own well-being to be available and present to listen and welcome each personal story.

Theoretical foundation

My theoretical approach is humanistic. This means that it is the competencies, qualities, and capacities of the person that will build the basis of the work, to strengthen their own possibilities and make them aware of these. The therapeutic relationship is essential to build a relationship of support, trust, security, and freedom of expression.

It also has a holistic foundation. Holism comes from the Greek “holos” which means “whole”, “total”. It is the idea of ​​seeing man as a whole and not as the sum of his parts. Returning to the sum of Aristotle: “The whole is more important than the sum of its parts”. Thus, the visible and invisible within human development are also taken into account. Man has the possibility of writing an infinity of stories throughout his creation as Being. It is the sum of all these experiences that build him and allow him to become a complete entity.

The academic program that I followed in the university allowed me to create a solid and deep background in the field of psychopathology, psychology and the different stages of development, and how creativity takes shape throughout this transformation.

My profession is closely linked to the de-ontological ethics code of the French Federation of Art Therapy.