Workshops and services

For me, Art is a means to release and actualize the creative potential of each individual. The art therapist is for me that small script of union (ArtTherapy) that allows creating the bond between the participants and the plastic and creative tools that are made available during the moment of creation.

Although the final result is important, the process of creation is even more so, and it is framed in deep and personal work, as well as everything that this allows revealing, awaken, evacuate and transform.

These are some of the objectives and benefits that the sessions can generate for the participants.

In the sections: art therapy, pedagogical support and art hive, you will find further information about the objectives and the operation of the workshops that I propose.

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“In play and only in play, the child or the adult can create and use the whole personality, and the individual discovers himself only when he is creative.” – D.W. Winnicott