Pedagogical support

These photos were taken during my professional experience at Montessori schools in Paris.

My experiences in the field of education have been built empirically and from practice.

I learned about Montessori pedagogy thanks to a professional experience that allowed me to work for several years as a pedagogical companion together with children who have an autism spectrum disorder.

Little by little I felt the need to consolidate these experiences with a deep and solid theoretical framework.

This is how I began the adventure of training in pedagogy at the Maria Montessori Higher Institute in Montpellier.

New projects are being developed around this formation, so the path will continue to be built.

The support I provide is part of the transversality offered by pedagogy.

Through projects that mix learning and creation, new ways will be developed to feed the critical spirit, increase theoretical notions through practice, generate new centers of interest and ways of accessing culture.

My experiences working in the framework of projects against school dropout have allowed me to build a range of possibilities that can be applied at various levels of schooling.