Uba Rhua – seed’s spirit

Art-Therapy workshops & Art Hive

Mónica Rodríguez Durán
Art-therapist and fine arts artist

Photo: Pauline Collus

“If someone’s actions create pain, it’s natural to feel upset. But our relationships can change the way we see actions and create new energy. It’s a choice from the bottom of our hearts.” Deepak Chopra


The workshop proposes a palette of fine arts tools, wide enough and accessible to all people. Do not forget that to benefit from an art-therapeutic accompaniment, you do not need any prior artistic knowledge.

Confidence and the desire to explore is the gateway. I will be there to accompany your own walk.

Pedagogical support

My experiences have been marked by a path that creates an alliance between pedagogy and art.

My training and curiosity have supported me to create workshops that are adapted to each person and situation.

Uba Rhua “Seed’s Spirit”

Founded in 2020 by Mónica Rodríguez Durán.
Art-therapist and fine arts artist.
Workshops at the institution or at home.

Uba Rhua is a space for creation, exchange of knowledge
and social construction.

Do you have questions about the workshops or the Art Hive ?

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I will answer your questions carefully!